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Meadows Melissa Of A-Rob

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Inbreeding: 9.12%

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Cherden Sock It To 'EmBISS Am Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM ROMC Diamond's Robert BruceAm Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM ROMC Lingard Sealect BruceAm Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM ROMC Nashcrest Golden NoteAm Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note CC ROM
Timberidge SandstormTimberidge Sandstorm
Diamond's Black VelvetAm Ch Diamond's Black Velvet Tess's Trump Card Of WadmalawAm Ch Tess's Trump Card Of Wadmalaw
Diamond's Lady GoldmontAm Ch Diamond's Lady Goldmont
Julaine's Wood Mist O'CherdenJulaine's Wood Mist O'Cherden Banchory Phantom O'Four WindsBanchory Phantom O'Four Winds Catamount ExcaliburCatamount Excalibur
Banchory Midnight MistBanchory Midnight Mist
Banchory Golden GlowBanchory Golden Glow Banchory Royal HeritageAm Ch Banchory Royal Heritage CD
Banchory Mae WestAm Ch Banchory Mae West
Len Dee's CinderellaLen Dee's Cinderella Pixie Dell Bright VisionAm Can Ch Pixie Dell Bright Vision ROM Brandell's Break-A-Way IIAm Ch Brandell's Break-A-Way II ROM Brandell's Bric-A-Brac IIAm Ch Brandell's Bric-A-Brac II CDX
Brandell's Bettina Of TobrukBrandell's Bettina Of Tobruk
Va-Gore's Bright PromiseAm Ch Va-Gore's Bright Promise ROM Musket O' Page's HillAm Ch Musket O' Page's Hill ROM
Creole Babe O' Page's HillAm Ch Creole Babe O' Page's Hill
Dan-Dee's Miss FashionAm Ch Dan-Dee's Miss Fashion Wendemere's Bold VentureAm Can Ch Wendemere's Bold Venture Jimjonard GeronimoAm Can Ch Jimjonard Geronimo
Browne Acres BouffantBrowne Acres Bouffant CDX
Dan-Dee's Portrait In GoldAm Ch Dan-Dee's Portrait In Gold ROM Elf Dale Golden LegacyAm Ch Elf Dale Golden Legacy
Dan D's Merry MaggieDan D's Merry Maggie
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