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MACH8 Ivybrook's Wild Ride RN MXC2 MJB3 MXP2 MJP2 MJPB MFB TQX T2B

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Date of Birth: 04/08/2005

Inbreeding: 4.02%

Inbred/linebred (calculated on 10 generations) on:

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Ivybrook Run For The RosesIvybrook Run For The Roses RN NAJ Karastar Blackjack Of HimarkOTCH MACH Karastar Blackjack Of Himark UDX24 OM1 MXB MJB Starhaven's Black CitationAm Can Ch Starhaven's Black Citation Starhaven's Black FameAm Ch Starhaven's Black Fame
Crisara Run For The RosesAm Ch Crisara Run For The Roses
Starhaven's Swiss LaceAm Ch Starhaven's Swiss Lace Cataway's Swiss AireAm Can Ch Cataway's Swiss Aire UD HS NA HC VCX
Starhaven's ShahteniaAm Ch Starhaven's Shahtenia
Four Season Cameo RoseMACH Four Season Cameo Rose UDX GN GO VER RE MXS MJB AXP AJP OF Acorn Bizness ManAm Ch Acorn Bizness Man Autumn Oak's Someday SoonAm Ch Autumn Oak's Someday Soon ROM
Acorn's Risky BiznessAm Ch Acorn's Risky Bizness
Starhaven's Iced EleganceStarhaven's Iced Elegance Starhaven's Ralph LaurenAm Ch Starhaven's Ralph Lauren
Starhaven's Evening EditionStarhaven's Evening Edition
Shulale Georgia BrownShulale Georgia Brown Macdega SausalitoAm Ch Macdega Sausalito ROM ROMC Macdega TiburonAm Ch Macdega Tiburon ROM Macdega MalibuAm Ch Macdega Malibu ROM
Bertlin Double TroubleAm Can Ch Bertlin Double Trouble ROM
Sherando MercedesAm Ch Sherando Mercedes Macdega Glenhart Grand PrixAm Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM ROMC
Sherando Cherish Is The WordSherando Cherish Is The Word
Shulale MeganAm Ch Shulale Megan Westwind HeartbreakerAm Can Ch Westwind Heartbreaker Conestoga Before The MastAm Ch Conestoga Before The Mast
Westwind Legend HeiressWestwind Legend Heiress
Shu La O'Alley Blane JessicaAm Ch Shu La O'Alley Blane Jessica Noradel CimarronAm Ch Noradel Cimarron ROM
Westwind Just A Love SongAm Ch Westwind Just A Love Song
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