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Am Ch B'Field Cryst'L Blu Persuasion ROM

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Date of Birth: 09/27/1982

Inbreeding: 5.02%

Inbred/linebred (calculated on 10 generations) on:

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Macdega The Piano ManAm Can Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM ROMC Macdega Proof PositiveAm Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM ROMC Ridgeside Star WarsCan Ch Ridgeside Star Wars ROMC Chenterra ThunderationBIS Am Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM ROMC 2CC
Pixie Dell Indigo MelodyPixie Dell Indigo Melody
Banchory A Blue NunBanchory A Blue Nun Am pts Banchory Deep PurpleAm Can Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC
Banchory Night GlowBanchory Night Glow
NadiaAm Ch Nadia CD Sundowner Mr BojanglesAm Ch Sundowner Mr Bojangles CD ROM Tentagel David CopperfieldAm Ch Tentagel David Copperfield
Tentagel The GenieAm Ch Tentagel The Genie
Misty Hills Blue PersuasionMisty Hills Blue Persuasion Cherden Sock It To 'EmBISS Am Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM ROMC
Alandie Blu Mischievous MistAlandie Blu Mischievous Mist
Rosmoor Lark's ReflectionRosmoor Lark's Reflection Banchory ReflectionBanchory Reflection ROM ROMC Banchory High BornAm Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM ROMC Philidove Heir PresumptiveAm Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM
Tiree Hall Solo's High-LiteTiree Hall Solo's High-Lite
Banchory High GlowBanchory High Glow Banchory High BornAm Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM ROMC
Banchory All-A-GlowBanchory All-A-Glow
Rosmoor Lark's LegacyAm Ch Rosmoor Lark's Legacy Waldenwood Bonny's Blue ClydeBISS Am Ch Waldenwood Bonny's Blue Clyde Waldenwood Diamond GloAm Ch Waldenwood Diamond Glo
Lanbur Blue Bonny Of KarelaneLanbur Blue Bonny Of Karelane
Rosmoor Night LarkRosmoor Night Lark Banchory High BornAm Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM ROMC
Faharaby Blue LarkspurAm Ch Faharaby Blue Larkspur CD
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