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Can Ch Glenmorris Then He Kissed Her

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Date of Birth: 08/28/2012

Inbreeding: 3.68%

Inbred/linebred (calculated on 10 generations) on:

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Grandgables Alfenloch UnoAust Sup Ch Am Can GCH Grandgables Alfenloch Uno ROMC Westar's FaronAm Ch Westar's Faron CGC ROM Carloway CoronadoAm Ch Carloway Coronado Willow Cove's Wild CardAm Ch Willow Cove's Wild Card ROM ROMC
Voyager Carloway By The SeaAm Ch Voyager Carloway By The Sea
Westar's Wild KissesWestar's Wild Kisses Westar's DynastyBISS Am Ch Westar's Dynasty
Westar's DharmaAm Can Ch Westar's Dharma
Grandgables She's Outa Deja BlueAm Can Ch Grandgables She's Outa Deja Blue Apple Acres ExpeditionAm Can Ch Apple Acres Expedition ROM ROMC Apple Acres Odyssey ArmaniAm Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM
Trevanne's DominiqueAm Ch Trevanne's Dominique ROM
Shamont Out Of The BlueShamont Out Of The Blue Shamont In The Line Of SightAm Ch Shamont In The Line Of Sight
Shamont Day Bi DayShamont Day Bi Day RA
Glenmorris Weeacre Star KissedGlenmorris Weeacre Star Kissed Premiere Weeacre Lone StarCan Ch Premiere Weeacre Lone Star Shadow Hill's PolarisShadow Hill's Polaris ROM Shadow Hill's Air Force OneBIS BISS Am Ch Shadow Hill's Air Force One OA OAJ
Shadow Hill's Satin DollAm Ch Shadow Hill's Satin Doll ROM
Premiere's Million Dollar BabyCan UKC Ch Premiere's Million Dollar Baby Apple Acres ExpeditionAm Can Ch Apple Acres Expedition ROM ROMC
Glenmorris Premiere's MaccabeUKC Ch Glenmorris Premiere's Maccabe
Glenmorris StardustCan Ch Glenmorris Stardust Weeacre Kyle Of GlenmorrisWeeacre Kyle Of Glenmorris Silkseal SungoldSilkseal Sungold
Glenmorris Oh Mercy MeGlenmorris Oh Mercy Me
Glenmorris StarstruckCan Ch Glenmorris Starstruck Kendale Step Bi StepKendale Step Bi Step
Glenmorris Lavender's BlueGlenmorris Lavender's Blue
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