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Am Ch Starphire Takin' It All

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Date of Birth: 05/01/2009

Inbreeding: 7.39%

Inbred/linebred (calculated on 10 generations) on:

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Sandance ArdastraAm Ch Sandance Ardastra ROM Cindahope Trade MarkAm Can Ch Cindahope Trade Mark ROMC Macdega SausalitoAm Ch Macdega Sausalito ROM ROMC Macdega TiburonAm Ch Macdega Tiburon ROM
Sherando MercedesAm Ch Sherando Mercedes
Cindahope Designer JeanAm Ch Cindahope Designer Jean NA NAJ OAP AJP Kylene Cindahope Town CryerAm Can Ch Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer ROM ROMC
Cindahope Sunshine GirlCindahope Sunshine Girl
Topshelf Victorian KeepsakeTopshelf Victorian Keepsake Hannalore HomerunAm Ch Hannalore Homerun ROM Arenray's ReminisceAm Ch Arenray's Reminisce ROM
Hannalore Ad LibHannalore Ad Lib
Topshelf Victoria SecretAm Ch Topshelf Victoria Secret Ozark Crest City SlickerAm Ch Ozark Crest City Slicker ROM ROMC
Topshelf Crown VictoriaTopshelf Crown Victoria
Starphire Takin' It BackStarphire Takin' It Back ROM Ilemist As You Like ItAm Ch Ilemist As You Like It ROM ROMC Macdega PadroneAm Ch Macdega Padrone Brownlee Hi CaliberAm Ch Brownlee Hi Caliber ROM
Macdega Peacewynde PasadenaAm Ch Macdega Peacewynde Pasadena
Ilemist Much AdoAm Ch Ilemist Much Ado Legends ScenarioAm Can Ch Legends Scenario ROM
Jade Mist Play Me A MemoryAm Ch Jade Mist Play Me A Memory
Starphire CastellinaStarphire Castellina Peacewynde ChiantiBIS BISS Am Ch Peacewynde Chianti ROM Macdega Candray CartelAm Ch Macdega Candray Cartel
Peacewynde Pride Of HeritagePeacewynde Pride Of Heritage
Starphire SolitaireStarphire Solitaire Classy's DiesisAm Can Ch Classy's Diesis
Starphire Lochlyn Takin'OverAm Ch Starphire Lochlyn Takin'Over 3CC
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