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Photo: Am Ch Laureate Hopscotch

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HTCH Golem's Cetan From First Light RE HSAdsc HXAd HTAD III-sd HRD III-s

Advanced Info

Call Name: Kestrel

Date of Birth: May 02, 2003



  • American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • American Herding Breeds Association (AHBA)

Color: Sable & White


  • AHBH Herding Trial Champion (HTCH)
  • Rally Excellent (RE)
  • Herding Started Course A -ducks (HSAd)
  • Herding Started Course A -sheep (HSAs)
  • Herding Started Course A -cattle (HSAc)
  • Herding Advanced Course A -ducks (HXAd)
  • Herding Trial Arena Dog III-sheep (HTAD III-s)
  • Herding Trial Arena Dog III-ducks (HTAD III-d)
  • Herding Ranch Dog III-sheep (HRD III-s)

Sire: First Lights Picture Perfect AX AXJ OAP OJP TT (Am Pts)

Dam: First Light's Comic Relief PT

Inbreeding: 1.74%

Entered: 06/30/2009

Last Edited: 05/29/2020

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